Luggage – choices, choices

It seems that the enjoyment of every trip I’ve ever been on is directly proportional to how well my luggage works for me. I’ve been a fan of light packing since day one and can tell you that this month-long adventure will be no different. I’m struggling with what to carry everything in, however.

My friend Michael Fuchs (the catalyst for me starting this site because of his latest trip information) prefers the Eagle Creek Endless Journey which I find large and not as comfortable as outdoors backpacks such as the Gregory Reality. Since I’ve been slimming down my possessions through give-aways (less frequently) and sale on e-bay, I have a lot less stuff to haul around.

The conclusion I’m coming to is that I need to balance my view on life now (I need some clothes and a toothbrush) and what my view will likely be in 2-4 weeks (what happened to all my stuff?!). The answer now is to not carry anything but clothing, a camera, toiletries, a notepad, some food, and an emergency GSM phone. I think that will fit nicely into 4,500 cubic inches and so I won’t have to worry about anything on that front. I’ve been purchasing some rain gear: gore-tex shoes from vasque and a Switchback Parka from REI. Now all I need is some waterproof pants and I can handle any weather that comes my way.


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