Depart for London (via Dallas) at 7am

I groggily woke up this morning at 445am in order to get to the airport and fly to dallas. I’m meeting up with erik and then we have a direct flight from dfw to london – arriving at the perky hour of 720am!! In a daze, I am jolted back into the airport reality: lines (or as they call them in the UK: queues). They are everywhere…lines to unload your stuff at the curb, lines at the ticket counters, lines at the metal detectors, lines at the terminal to get on the plane. Surely something can be done to reduce the amount of time people have to put up with this!!

I wandered down the isle, dreading my middle seat assignment when I realized that luck was with me – my seat was next to a cute blond girl with…double check, score! no ring. How often does that happen? Usually I get the middle seat between chris farley and roseanne barr…elbows sloshing over the already miniscule arm rest so that I don’t have any personal space, but a generous amount of sloppy sweat that is dripping from each of their arms. But as I was saying – I got a cute, skinny girl! I sit down and watch the parade of people, knowing for sure that any moment, I’ll have to stand up again and let tubby into the window seat. But, it doesn’t happen – we get an empty seat for the whole trip!! I’m happy – kris (as I later found out) comments at our good fortune and I scoot over a seat to take advantage of our abundance of room. (this is, of course, one of the only times that you slightly regret that I have to move over a seat) She is flying into dallas with 4 other people to take a paramedic test in – amarillo! They flew into dallas because it was way cheaper and then they are renting a car to make the 7-8 hour drive to amarillo, take the test, then drive back to dallas, fly back to indy, then drive back to logansport.

The world is a small place and this was the proof. My parents are from the logansport area and we started trying to figure out who she knew that I knew/am related to. Turns out that her friend sitting across the isle knew my cousin in high school! Funny how those things work out. I wish them good luck on their test!

I was greeted at the airport by derek and marina. The true test of friendship is telling somebody you are flying into dfw during rush hour and asking for a ride, but not saying what airline, flight, etc. I am on but they go through the effor to figure it out anyway!! I was so happy and surprised!

I’m a walking zombie at this point and trying best I can to stay awake until a little ways into the flight to london. Hopefully I’ll adjust to the new timezone in a timely fashion and actually be awake for my london visit this time. For now, derek and I are wandering around my old stomping ground of dallas! A note on pictures: working on getting the develop/get on the web logistics…this won’t be a text-only site forever!!

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