London Bridge is Falling Down

Tower Bridge is quite interesting to observe at night. The lighting is spectacular and the color schemes have a medieval toy set feel to them. You see the bright blues and the clean whites in movies of times gone by, but you don’t think that they actually looked like that back then. The actual bridge may be the same way, but seeing the structure lurking overhead with the hue of a fleeting childhood memory makes you wonder if maybe, just maybe, hollywood’s representation of times gone by holds some hint of reality.

As we walked along the Thames to Tower Bridge, a large floating ball of light glared menacingly at me. As my eyes slowly adjusted, I noticed the outline of a sleek WWII gunship – HMS Belfast. The history channel recently ran a show on gunboats of WWII and it was quite fascinating. They’ve been replaced by aircraft carriers and are no longer in service, but in the evolution from wooden ships to gunships to aircraft carriers they play an important transitionary role. The ships are just incredible. The HMS Belfast is a modified Southhampton class light cruiser which makes it not too menacing, but definitely armed. I’ve become a fan of machines of war lately – is that an indication of some subliminal agression that I must figure out how to deal with? Or just a normal male fascination with violence and destruction?

We are gathering info about trains, planes, and (hahaha) boats to depart from the UK on. The train seems the most sensible as it is cheaper and we get to see more scenery. We are in no hurry to get anywhere in particular and if we aren’t careful could end up staying in london for the entire trip!! (the problems with not planning a departure date…something we experienced on this trip that got delayed for months!) On that note, I’m off to check train destinations, fares, and times!



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