Detour – Destination Amsterdam

We decided to take our trip to the netherlands before continuing on to spain. Erik has never been and I loved it when I was here last. The rail was quite pricey so we took easyJet to amsterdam and saved some money! We arrived this evening at 1800 local time and found a place to stay. It’s not the best place in the world, but it had rooms and it is in the heart of the action.
I have written a lot of stuff for everyone’s enjoyment, but I left it in the room. So tomorrow promised to be an exciting day as you will get the info on the last days in england, flight to amsterdam, and the first night of stories from the famed city.

Sorry for the news style lead in with a delay on the real deal, but I have a new city to explore!! I need to change the name of the trip (since so far spain hasn’t been in it at all…but don’t worry, it will) so any suggestions are welcome. Send me an email!

We’ve done some more planning – and unfortunately, using this map:



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