Airports and Flying

We took the rail from surbiton (south of the city) to luton airport (north of the city). The ride was about 2 hours total and cost 9.6 pounds. The train crept through the city of london navigating tight turns at a slow rate causing creaks and moans throughout the car – we were pushing the limits of train mobility, I feel.
I got only 4 hours of sleep last night so I decide to take a quick nap…when I awaken, we are “zipping” through the countryside through rolling hills that are thankfully not dotted with smoke from burning carcasses – a scene that BBC claims is quite common these days due to hoof and mouth disease. Either it’s not a concern yet in this area or it has already struck and there is nothing more to burn. Quite sad that the only way we can contain a disease like that is to “quarantine” it off and prevent it from spreading – we have no way to treat the infected.

Every city has a budding young airport and luton is london’s. As usual, the budget airlines are run out of here and the convenience to the passenger is quite high (a side effect of slower growth and size). The airport has a simple layout that seems to loop back on itself. You enter in the center, the ticket counters are on the right and the gates are on the left. It is a strange layout, but you are never far from where you need to be in luton. Here is an “artist’s” rendition:

The airport is full of people milling about waiting to board their flights. This is a contrast to the train station where there were small groups of people because of the frequency of trains and the fact that if you arrive early – you jump on an earlier train! Even with the extra burden of air travel, easyJet is the model of efficiency: they don’t even shut the engines down while the current crop of passengers disembarks and moments later the new one boards. Boarding at luton is from the ground: you walk out the door of the building, walk across the tarmac and climb up the stairs to the plane – movie style I would say! The tarmac is a blur of orange vehicles and people dressed in orange outfits as the plain clothes passengers form a temporary barrier from the terminal door to the airplane door that the people in orange cannot cross. The flight crew is run by caroline, with chris in the front and kelly in the center. We depart on runway 26 for my second trip to amsterdam.

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