The Bauhaus Hostel

First off, pardon any y and z juxtapositions as they are in the wrong place on the keyboard here!! I´m trying to catch them as I tzpe, but it is very hard.

We finally made it to brugge for the night. We made it to the train station and realized that everything was closed and we didn´t have any belgian francs!! We wandered out to a bus driver, explained our situation, and asked if he had any ideas. He told us we could walk to the hostel since we didn´t have any money and it was not that far. We ended up walking around a quarter of the city via the perimeter road (I am not kidding…we got a map the next day) but made it there with no money.
The city is beautiful and I recommend it to anyone. It is a small city that is surrounded by a moat. At least two of the original castle gates are still standing and actually now contain a street that you can enter the city by. The town square and town hall are amazing and we spent the entire day just wandering around and checking it out.

But that was after the night of sleeplessnes. We got a double room, which is nice for a change…erik does not snore nor do I – unlike the multitudes of people we have run across in dorm sleeping facilities on this trip. However, the radiator in our room seemed to start shaking violently every 30 minutes or so for no apparent reason. One of us would simply jump out of bed and change the temp setting to make it quiet back down. I imagine it to be much like having a child except you don´t have to feed it and there are no emotional bonds…okaz so it isn´t anything like having a child.

Another luxury item we had during our stay was a lovely shower in the room. Now this was no ordinary shower. This is a fancy push-button type shower that has a timer that automatically turns the water off after a period of time. Our timer was set to approximately 6 seconds. This is no joke. The ENTIRE time I showered I had to continually bump up against this crazy button in the wall that controlled the water flow. There was no temperature valve either, but I figured out that if I turned the cold water on in the sink, I could warm up the water a bit!

We woke up and booked a sleeper train to berlin…why not? I will update you on that portion of the trip when I am not using a computer account that I don´t really have access to (you should never say your password out loud in a public place…there are others out there like me)

until next time – I have many more stories to tell!!!! (a lot about berlin and we are off to prague tomorrow!!)



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