London, Day One

My largest piece of advice for air travel overseas: spend the miles to get the upgrade to business class! I was lucky. I had an aisle seat in the center of the plane with two empty seats next to me. I managed to get about 4 hours of sleep – but not the good kind…where you feel refreshed, it was the sloppy kind where you basically just feel different than you did before you went to sleep. You think about it for a while, but can’t really tell if you are more or less tired than you were before sleeping. I had the better deal…
Erik was stuck next to a kid in an “airplane” seat (carseat, but adapted for plane use) that played with the remote control for the television the whole ride therefore rendering erik’s right armrest useless. He finally tried reverting to the sleeping in school methods of chin in the palm of your hand and arms folded over the desk (food tray in this example) with your head down. These provided about as restful of a sleep as they used to in school and so basically we didn’t get any sleep at all.

David and Maryse were right on time and waiting for us as we emerged through the maze of passport checkpoints and the watchful eye of customs (remember, DON’T make eye contact or you’ll probably get stopped! head down…you’re on a mission). We are planning our time in london and trying to get oriented while the Encerca folks discuss some of the first good news that they’ve had in a while – job security is always a good thing.

The exhaustion is kicking in. Could it be my attempts at making it on the board for powerball scores? Or is it the fact that I haven’t eaten yet? My mind is starting to slow down (which is probably evident by the borish article you are reading) and I said something to erik and he replied that he got hit by it about 5 minutes ago…the same time I did. Oh well…we are going to take a tour of london tomorrow and hit the London Eye on sunday so keep watching – don’t let one bad post get you down!!

p.s. The picture situation isn’t looking great. Ofoto wasn’t a great help in telling me the address to mail my film to – they keep telling me to use the mailers in my welcome kit with free postage…instead of reading my letter and telling me the address so I could mail film in while on the road. Anybody know of a good place to mail film into? Let me know!