Bring the Noise!

My ears are ringing. No, it’s not the clanging of the tips from the recycling plant next door. No, it’s not street noise and honking cars. No, it’s not neighbours shaking the house with their late night party. What is it then? Silence. My ears aren’t used to this and they are straining to hear something!

I’ve been leading the urban life without a break for way too long. I need to ensure that I get out of it all every couple of months so I can avoid strange bodily responses like this. The closest I have come since leaving Pittsboro after my visit last December was my holiday in Turkey. However, there were still a lot of people, music, ski boats, and aeroplanes flying around. On most parts of the footpath around the lake in Keswick all you can hear is the gentle hints that wind leaves behind as it invisibly stirs up trouble, two pairs of footsteps, and occasionally other people you pass.

I couldn’t lead this life every day. I would get incredibly bored. This trip comes at just the right time however. I’ve been lounging around London by visiting museums and exhibitions and have started to lose motivation. A brief change like this should help me get back on track. I’ve proven that I have about a thirty day attention span at most. I need a trip, even just a weekend one, every thirty days or so to keep me lively.

I’m in the pub at the Bridge Hotel and I have two questions that I need answers to:

  • What is the functional purpose of a hedge row? They are too strong and cumbersome to build to simply be property dividers. Or is my modern mind just too lazy?
  • Why do these wooden fences keep going into the lake?

I hope a night at the local pub or some additional thought will give me some answers.

Update: Between the time of writing this and typing it in, I think I’ve found the answers. My modern mind is too lazy and the fence in the water accounts for varying lake depths and prevents the animals from just walking in some shallow water for a bit to get around it. Simple answers? Yes. I really feel like a city boy now. I would have instantly seen that when I was younger!


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