Emart: Korean Asda

The title could just as well read Emart: Korean Walmart but since I’ve been living in the UK for over five years now Asda is more familiar to me than Walmart.  Of course, they are the same company in the end but that’s neither here nor there.  Emart is a department store that seems to have retained some of the ownership of where to place clothing.  These days you are forced to shop for clothes by brand instead of the infinitely more useful shopping by clothing style or by the type of event you plan on wearing it to.

Emart also has free samples.  I thought it would be quite rude not to sample local fare so we graciously accepted all the food that was offered to us.  This turned out to be quite a lot in variety and quantity!  We had soup and kimchi and drinks and even dessert!  In the end all I could say was “Bepola. Kaja.”  This translates into “I’m full. Let’s go.”

So we did.


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