Temporary TVs in Seoul?

I noticed something when we were walking through Seoul station after booking our train tickets to Busan.  I thought it was just an oversight but then I kept seeing it over and over.  Everywhere we went had nice, brand new flatscreen televisions.  The world cup is a huge deal in Korea and so it wasn’t a surprise that everyone was showing it.  What did surprise me was the stickers that were left on most of them.  A sticker on the top right that said “XD System” was always left on the television.  I think that everyone left the stickers on so that they could return the televisions after the world cup was over.  Of course, Yu Kyoung disagrees with me but I’ll check to see if every single restaurant, pub and store we go into on our next visit still has the television.  And if they do, if anybody ever got around to removing the stickers!


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