Faking Model Photography with Real Pictures


A friend of mine, James Marzano, directed me to a Tutorial on Fake Model Photography. The idea is to take photos of real life and manipulate them in PhotoShop so that your mind thinks it is a picture of a miniature model. I haven’t tried it yet but James did and his first photo is shown below. It’s of his kitchen and is really convincing, don’t you agree?



Workout Routine

I haven’t kept up my food journal.  It’s a lot of work although I think it would probably be beneficial to meeting my workout targets.  I couldn’t find anything that helped me quickly calculate nutrition information for the meals I eat.  I tend to make all my own food for supper and I’m a non-measuring type cook so it’s very difficult to track what I’ve done!

The good news is the workouts are continuing and I’m already seeing improvements.  It feels good to sit at your desk and actually feel the muscles on your body instead of just feeling like a gelatinous blob. I’m absolutely appalled at the low weights that I’m doing but that will improve with time.  I didn’t realise that I had let my strength slip so much!  The last time I really did weight training with free weights was in Dallas around 1998 so it’s been a while.

Strength Training Day 2

Today is break day and I need it!  I cannot walk normally because my leg muscles are so tired.  This would be great news if I hadn’t taken it so easy last night.  Nevertheless what’s done is done and I’ll do it again tomorrow.  Today’s food is quite said.

  • 2 Cups Coffee (0 *)
  • Boston Chicken Sandwich, unbreaded (581 cal, 79g pro, 24g carb, 13g fat)
  • 2 Cups Jasmine Tea (0 *)
  • Chicken Fillets w/mushroom, tomato (343 cal, 66g pro, 9.5g carb, 5.5g fat)
  • 1 White Pitta (150 cal, 6.25g pro, 59g carb, 0.75g fat)
  • 1/2 tub hummus (316 cal, 11g pro, 13.5g carb, 41.5g fat)
  • 1 cup whole milk (146 cal, 8g pro, 11g carb, 8g fat)
  • 3 cloves raw garlic (just for fun)

Total for the day:

  • 1,536 calories
  • 170.25g protein (48% – 681cals?)
  • 117g carbohydrates (33% – 468cals?)
  • 68.75g fat (19% – 618cals?)

Strangely I get 1,767 calories when I use 4 calories per gram for protein and carbohydrates, 9 calories per gram for fat.  I’m not sure what’s happening here but I’ll use my original numbers until I figure it out.  I’ll have to increase protein and fat from what I took in today I guess.  Suggestions?

Strength Training Day 1

I’ve never really done strength training. My swimming provided fitness training and, of course it made me stronger but it wasn’t actually strength training. I tried with Erik when I lived in Dallas but our enthusiasm ran out after just a couple of months. The strange thing is that I’m faced with an odd situation of actually needing to eat more. I just added up my food for today.

  • 2 Cups of Coffee (0 *)
  • 1 Large Bowl Chicken Laksa Soup (630 cal, 43g P, 49g CH, 31g Fat)
  • 4 Pieces of Bacon (300 cal, 32g P, 0 CH, 19g Fat)
  • 1 Yellow Pepper (50 cal, 2g P, 12g CH, 1g Fat)
  • 2 Medium Tomatos (22 cal, 1g P, 5g CH, 0.2g Fat)
  • 1 Large Hummus Tub (632 cal, 22g P, 27g CH, 83g Fat)
  • 2 White Pitta (300 cal, 12.5g P, 59g CH, 1.5g Fat)
  • 3 Cups of Milk (438 cal, 24g P, 33g CH, 24g Fat)

This makes my total for the day:

  • 2,372 Calories
  • 136.5 grams Protein (28%)
  • 185 grams Carbohydrates (38%)
  • 160 grams Fat (34%)

The dietary guide that I’ve been reading suggests about 3,000 calories, 180g Protein, 180g Carbohydrates and 120g Fat. It looks like I need to try to get my protein and carbohydrates up and my fat intake down a bit. Unfortunately, it appears that hummus might have to be reconsidered as a major part of my diet and I might have to start drinking semi-skim milk again.

Tonight was the first night of my circuit. I’m absolutely stunned at how little strength I have in my upper legs. Everything else made about the showing I expected but I could barely manage fifteen pound weights in each hand while doing static lunges and even then I barely made my 15 reps per set. I’m looking forward to seeing how long I can keep this up though!
Weigh in: 78 Kg

BBQ and Fishing Trip with no Fishing

On Saturday we went to Zoe and Jono’s house for a nice and sunny BBQ without the sun. The garden was enclosed by a tumultuous brew of threatening weather that luckily couldn’t muster up the energy to follow through and actually ruin the day.

Early Sunday morning we woke up and caught the train to Brighton. Everyone was rather tired from their individual activities of the night before but we managed to lumber (or slumber) through it. The bad news was that the winds were high and the sea was too rough for our fishing trip. So we went to a chilli market and sampled chilli chocolate (yuck!), garlic marinated in chilli and olive oil (yum!) and some wine (sans chillis). We ended up spending the most time in the arcades on Brighton Pier. Here we wasted away our savings two pence at a time. Nobody managed to win anything this time but Yu Kyoung and I did improve our horse riding skills!