Video On Demand

I do admit that sometimes I receive high definition video files from untrusted sources.  What choice do I have?  In order to download high definition video legally in the UK it appears that I have to subscribe to a satellite or cable service.Sky – I can’t stand the thought of giving Murdoch money so that’s just a non-starter. Virgin Media – I really like Branson but he’s a bit like Steve Jobs – very easy to get fanatical about.  I would have purchased a Virgin Media subscription years ago if the web site was clear about how much it would cost to do so. Everything on the site is rife with the terms Free but it’s all dependant upon buying another service.  You can’t actually just buy TV.Why do companies make it so hard for consumers to spend money? When it becomes difficult, consumer look for other options. Make it easy and affordable and we’ll buy it. However, judging by cinemas, make it easy and expensive and people will still go!How did the price of rentals go back up? LoveFilm, Netflix, etc. all rent films at an unlimited rate for a fixed fee per month.  But you try to use modern technology like downloading a film and all the sudden you’re back into the prices of 20 years ago by paying a fixed price per film. I pay for things that I don’t have to pay for.  I give tips at restaurants, I donate to charities.  I do this because I think they are worthwhile.  If you give consumers what they want then they will be happy to give you what you deserve.  I know that I’m quite late in the complaining game on this issue but one more vote can only help.