Installing Villain ROM on my HTC Hero

I, like many others, am tired of waiting for HTC to update the software on my phone.  The new Android apps I read about in the news are starting to require Android 2.1 or higher and I’m stuck on version 1.5.  At least, I was stuck.  I tried out a few ROMs and can recommend the VillainSlide ROM on the HTC Hero.  It has the most responsive interface and apart from a slightly annoying application listing screen and home screen icons is visually very appealing too.  Here’s the steps I took to install the ROM.  It will hopefully save you a few searches.

There is a great guide for installing a custom ROM on the XDA Developer’s forum.  I didn’t need the GoldCard method so my install was fairly straightforward.  Follow steps PRE and 1-3 and you’re running a new version!

Here’s the SlideVillainROM so you don’t have to find that either.

The first boot after an install  takes forever and a day and the SMS recovery isn’t the fastest in the world either.  You’ll need to re-download apps from the marketplace too but all your contact data is safe in the Google cloud.