Improving HTC Hero Performance

My HTC Hero is a good phone but it’s sluggish all the time. I’ve tried many many things and should have reported on all of them but fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint, you’re only going to get the tips that worked.

  1. Install ADWLauncher and never use HTC Sense launcher again. ADWLauncher is better and faster.
  2. Buy a faster SDCard. I upgraded to a type 6 card and received a noticeable performance improvement.
  3. (Rooted phones only) : Install OverclockWidget and set something like this: screen on frequency: 576000 for min and max. Screen off frequency: 245760 min, 352000 max. It might be a bit sluggish to wake up sometimes but the battery lasts longer and it’s faster when you use it than when using the default HTC settings.

So not many tips but these are the only ones that worked out of hundreds that haven’t. I don’t want to buy another HTC phone because my phone was top of the line less than a year ago when I bought it and it’s official software version is 1.5 even though Google have since released 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2. I jumped on Android so I could stay up with new technology and not lag like the other phone manufacturers besides Apple seem to do. It will be a Nexus One or I think¬†Motorola¬†for me next since they are quick to release the new software.