Installing a SuperNexus ROM on Galaxy S3

I finally did it. I finally rooted my Galaxy S3 and installed a custom ROM. This usually happens when my phone becomes slow and I think “this phone was fast last year so what is wrong?”

I also despise hearing about new Android features but not being able to use them. My Google Now was horrendously slow on my Samsung TouchWiz ROM.  I just got a galaxy tab 10 too and I found that things were just different enough between the two to annoy me when switching back and forth.

So was it hard? Not at all. I’d explain but the instructions on the SuperNexus ROM announcement page are adequate. If you have problems, let me know and I’ll help. I’ve flashed a lot of ROMs on other devices but this is the first one on my S3.

Now for what didn’t work very well.

Barclays mobile app wouldn’t run on my rooted Galaxy S3. It would start and take me through all the steps then bomb out saying that you cannot run the app on rooted devices. This is annoying because I’ve come to rely on this application’s mobile pinsentry functionality.  After a little research, I found that I could get the Barclays Mobile application to run on my rooted phone using the steps below. I basically followed the instructions I found here:

  1. Buy TriangleAway
  2. Tell it to reset your custom ROM counter
  3. Open the SuperSU application
  4. Click the button that says prepare for reinstallation via google play (or something similar…my app is gone now so I can’t go back and look!)
  5. Reboot
  6. Your phone now is not flagged as having a custom ROM and superSU is not installed
  7. Run the Barclays app and set it up
  8. Unverified yet: reinstall SuperSU from the play store. I’ve read that this will work but I’ll download it and use it when I need it next. For now things are in good shape on my phone.

I’ve heard that this will help you use SkyGo on a rooted Galaxy S3 too but I haven’t tried that either. Bonus: my Netflix application works now too!

I’ve been running the ROM for a day and am incredibly pleased with my phone again. I’d recommend flashing to anybody who is a little frustrated with lags and the overall performance of their Galaxy S3 at the moment. It’s not a hardware problem, it’s a software one!