Our New House

We have a new house!  Our first home that we actually own.  It’s quite exciting.  We collected the keys today and did a review.  We found a leaky toilet and what appears to be a fairly steady stream of leaking from the water tank in the loft.  Unfortunately, I leave for Finland in the morning so sorting out these repairs is not going to be easy!You can see pictures in the house gallery.So far, it appears that being a homeowner involves creating lists of things that cost a lot of money.

  • Boiler replacement
  • Roof fixed
  • Bathroom replaced
  • Kitchen replaced
  • Re-do both bedrooms
  • Replace carpets
  • Fix…
  • Replace…
  • Buy…

Patience for Children

I’ve been told by many recent parents that having a child of my own will teach me patience.  Little did I realise that this process would start months before my baby is even born.  My life for many years had meaning.  It could mostly be summarised by experiencing new things and sharing them with the ones I love.  Now with a new one on the way I’m dying to have the new experiences and share them with everyone + 1!!